Philanthropic Partners

The Kitchen Community

The Kitchen Community, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2011 by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson to provide all children the opportunity to learn, play, and grow in healthy communities.

The Kitchen Community builds Learning Gardens in low-income schools, creating

  • Engaging outdoor classrooms
  • Thriving vegetable gardens
  • Gathering places for communities

Musk and Matheson believe that gathering around the table and sharing good food is what connects us as family, friends, and community. From family dinners to healthy lifestyles, what and how we eat matters. Good food culture brings people together, makes our kids more engaged students, and enables our community to live long, healthy and productive lives.

Good Food 100 Restaurants™

The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is published by the Good Food Media Network, a 501c3 non-profit organization co-founded in 2016 by Sara Brito (formerly of The Kitchen, The Kitchen Community) and Jeff Hermanson (CEO, Larimer Associates) with a mission to educate eaters and cultivate a conversation around the people and businesses changing the food system for good.

The Good Food 100 Restaurants™ is comprised of an annual, highly-esteemed list, rating system, and economic assessment of restaurants—fast casual (Tender Greens) to fine dining (The Kitchen) to food service (CU Boulder) — that seeks to redefine how chefs, restaurants, and food service businesses are viewed and valued. Carefully curated based on the quantitative measurement of restaurants’ purchasing practices, the Good Food 100 spotlights restaurants (including food service businesses) that are helping to build a better food system by using their purchasing power to support local/state, regional, and national ‘good food’ economies. The Good Food 100 list and ratings are accompanied by an annual economic assessment conducted by the Business Research Division of the Leeds School of Business, CU Boulder.  

To view the 2017 Good Food 100 Restaurants list, ratings, and economic assessment, please visit

Your tax-deductible donation will help to keep annual Good Food 100 survey NO COST to participating restaurants, and underwrite 2018 Economic Assessment.


CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization that supports children of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances. Since 2004, CORE has supported over 165 families and raised over $2.5M.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation 

As the philanthropic foundation of the National Restaurant Association, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s mission of service to the public is dedicated to enhancing the industry’s training and education, career development and community engagement efforts. The NRAEF and its programs work to Attract, Empower and Advance today’s and tomorrow’s restaurant and food service workforce.  NRAEF programs include:  ProStart® – a high-school career and technical education program; Restaurant Ready – partnering with community-based organizations to provide “opportunity youth” with skills training and job opportunities; Military – helping military servicemen and women transition their skills to restaurant and food service careers; Scholarships – financial assistance for students pursuing restaurant, food service and hospitality degrees; and the Hospitality Sector Registered Apprenticeship Project – a partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association providing a  hospitality apprenticeship program for the industry. For more information on the NRAEF, visit


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